fashion logos that won’t go out of style

Fashion is ever-changing, making branding especially important (and valuable!) in the clothing and accessory worlds. A good, recognizable logo allows your customers to identify your products, even as your line changes. A logo can also impact your perceived value among customers

Vintage, retro and classic fashion logos

Charles Laurie fashion logo

From little black dresses to classically tailored trousers, some things never go out of style. In the realm of logo design, that includes blocky serif fonts, unique monograms and imagery that illustrates what you specialize in.

Life of luxury logo design

Vk Ng fashion logo

To convey the idea of luxury, your fashion logo must embody elegance and beauty. Think monograms with thin typeface, or wordmarks with fine details in the lettering.

Or, eschew words and letters altogether for geometric shapes. You can go for a bold look with strong, sharp angles, or something more graceful with swooping, spiraling lines.

Consider color, as well. Gold is a classic indicator of wealth and luxury, but don’t feel forced into that box. Silver, platinum, even jet black will also serve, with the right product.

Modern fashion logos for the chic designer

Bentgrass fashion logo

A new fashion line needs to set itself apart. A contemporary logo can help with that. Simple, flat designs are trendy right now, but they also age well.

You can also have fun with traditional logos. Create a monogram with a modern twist, playing with modern technology or iconography. Or use standard imagery in the contemporary style, focusing on minimalism rather than elaborate line work.

Playful kids fashion logos

Bon Mignon fashion logo

When dealing with children’s fashion, bare in mind you have two audiences: the kids and the parents. Your logo should appeal to the youngsters with bright or pastel colors, and cutesy characters. Also consider giving a hand-drawn look; children love to feel like they could’ve participated in the creation of art like that.

For the parents, make sure any characters feel safe and friendly. Irony isn’t your friend here. Genuinely remind them of how adorable their little moppets are.

Be uniquely you with unique fashion logos

Wind Up Bird fashion logo design

If you create truly one-of-a-kind fashion, then maybe your logo should reflect that. Build a brand that’s as quirky as you are. Design a hyper masculine logo for your menswear line; dig into surf culture for your surf outfits; lean into vintage styling for your throwback fashions.  In short, have fun with your brand. Play with ideas and concepts that a normally out of bounds for most high fashion brands.

Flaunt your style

Fashion logo design examples

A good fashion logo dresses your brand for success and shows the world what makes you special. Whether you create avant-garde runway art or design punk rock onesies for infants, you should get something uniquely you.

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